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  Beijing EFE Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (have passed GB/T19001--2008 Quality Management System authentication)is a professional providing electricity transducers, hall transducers, DC transducer of DynAmp of US,technological corporation of electricity measurement meter.  We are major deal with electricity measurement business, including in variety of electricity transducer assembly and production, as well as sales. We are also providing international famous brand quality of electrical energy test and record analysis equipment, high precision and wide frequency power analysis equipment, supplying test system for custormers.  Electricity transducers depends on the context of which Hall Transducer by LEM group of Swizerland; And also supplying transducer of other international famous brand, such as transducer of ABB Cor., temperature,pressure and transducer of electricity by Honeywell Cor., magnet electricity transducer of VAC Cor., etc.  We have very affluent experiences in applications field of electricity transducers.  Precision power meter depends on the context of which quality of high precision and wide frequency power analyzer series product of LMG500 by ZES Zimmer of Germany.  Electricity measurement meter depends on electrical energy test and record analysis, security test, infrared camera thermographic system, cable test meter, digital multimeter by Fluck Cor. of USA; providing product of electrical energy test meter and product of portable oscilloscopes by Tektronix Cor. of USA.


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