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MVI MVI Isolation Transmitter--MVI
Insulation Transmitter MVI is a transmitter of all-purpose signal, it was would insulated deleterious voltage with meter, computer or other measurement meter, it was also would used loop of cut earthing signal; it was input alternating signal or directing signal of high range directly, it was also measurement receiving as ±100mV low-lying measurement range DC or AC peak value signal; MVI should output voltage signal and current signal at the same time, voltage output peak value should reach 10V, current output was single direction value, however, it was adopted high current level ofset when input signal was zero, it is should usded input of AC or bidirectional DC namely. Technical Parameter: Signal Input:(see remark 1) Range of voltage: minimum full measurement range 00--±100mV Range of voltage: maximal full measurement range 00--±1500V Range of current: minimum full measurement range 00--±1mA Range of current: maximal full measurement range 00--±2.5A Input impedance of full measurement range: ±1000mv--±5V >10M∩ ±5V--±1000V 10K ±1000V--±1500V 6.6M∩/ ±1mA--±2.5A R=0.1V÷1(mA) Frequency: DC—4KHz


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