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LEM Introduces Minisens ASIC Transducer in SO-8 package for isolated current measurement

LEM Introduces Minisens, a miniature, integrated circuit transducer for AC and DC isolated current measurement up to 100 KHz.  This new component offers full isolation and high sensitivity with no insention losses.  It is mounted directly onto a printed circuit board as an SMD device, reducing manufacturing cost. 

Minisens integrates, within one mixed signal ASIC, hall-effect sensors with a magnetic concentrator to allow direct current measurement without the need for an additional magnetic core.  The non-contact measurement enables an almost unlimited current level as it eliminates the need for current to flow through the device.  The only limitationg factor is the thermal capacities of the primary conductor.  The current can be carried either by a track located on a PCB underneath the Minisens, or by a cable or bus bar under or above the IC.  The unlimited design possiblilities for the primary conductor allow current measurement up to 70A or even higher.



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